Where data turns into revenue

Smart technology designed for performance-based campaign optimization

Processing Capabilities

Modern day performance marketing requires processing vast amounts of data to find the most profitable options among millions of opportunities.

Convertuum provides that capability, delivering a steady stream of revenue, engaged users, and profitable offers to publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Smart Link Benefits

Benefits for Advertisers

Algorithmic optimization is the key to a successful performance marketing campaign.

Convertuum brings you the means to run large scale campaigns without a maintenance team, using smart link technology to find profitable opportunities live with no room for error. We provide the latest offers on the market along with machine-learning algorithms built up over the years to find the best spot for any kind of traffic.

From quick massive boosts in app store ratings to steady acquisition campaigns, your options with Convertuum are limitless.

Benefits for Publishers
  • Automatic optimization

    Our automatic optimization algorithms will immediately analyze which offer will convert best for each user.

  • Proven expertise

    A team of media buying experts will optimize your campaigns to yield the highest returns.

  • Integration types

    We support most current integration methods — smart link and smart script, including back button redirect, anti Adblock script, popunder script.

  • Direct offers

    There is a wide range of exclusive offers in rotation directly from top advertisers worldwide.

About us

We are a technology-driven advertising company dedicated to creating technical solutions that streamline and automate performance marketing campaigns with maximum profitability. The Convertuum platform is designed to optimize the advertising process and establish a reliable partnership between advertisers and publishers, helping them monetize the inventory to the maximum extent.

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